Tips For Getting Large Tasks Done Cheap


The word cheap can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  When it comes to hiring skilled professionals, the real term that we should use is inexpensive or affordable.  Skilled professionals who specialize in a specific trade, like union carpenters or plumbers, can command rates that oftentimes do not fall in the “inexpensive” category.  This is why skilled tradesmen that can work across specialties to provide local handyman services in wichita ks are in high demand and why it is such a great niche to get into.

When you are a handyman you fall on that grey line of professional and independent contractor.  You have the skills and knowledge that a professional has but you are working for yourself with your own set of rules which allows you to play with your time and prices.

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The tricks is to bundle your services together into packages that people like.  These packages need to make sense and which give real value to the customer or client.  For example, you can have a bundle that will work on all areas of a bathroom and another that does the kitchen. 

When we work with bundles we can look at the specific tasks that need to be done and grade them towards the time and effort needed to get them done.  If a task can take a few extra minutes and is something that can easily be accomplished while completing another task, why not do it and tack on a few extra dollars.

Create your own systems

You need to have a system that works for you.  These systems are going to be how you look at a problem or task.  When you look at these tasks you can determine what needs to be used, what time will be needed as well as any common problems that may occur.  When it comes to creating a system everyone will have a different system but if done correctly each will work for them.